David has a Master’s Degree in Music (classical guitar performance) from the University of Western Ontario. He has studied in master classes with Oscar Ghiglia, David Russell, Alice Artzt, Sergio Abreu, the Amsterdam Guitar Trio and many other world class performers.

He taught at Brandon University for many years. Now he teaches at the Community School of Music and Arts and at his own studio. Together with flutist Stuart McVey he released a recording of flute and guitar music. He is also a composer and arranger who has produced music for himself, his students and the guitar ensemble in Brandon. His own compositions, arrangements and transcriptions have been published by Productions d’oz and Mel Bay.

This website contains simple Christmas arrangements. Two collections of more complex and interesting Christmas arrangements of David's are available at Productions d'Oz.

This website also contains many compositions of David's. Productions d'Oz has also published 3 suites of his compositions for beginning level students.

Guitar arrangements of Telemann's 12 unaccompanied violin Fantasies are available here.

This website also contains arrangements of Telemann's 12 flute Fantasies, in which the pieces have basically been changed into what sound like Baroque lute solos. Mel Bay has published David's transcriptions of the same pieces which are a more exact rendering of the pure original flute part, re-notated, voiced and fingered for guitar.